Remembering Sketchup and Inventor Skills- Jessica H.

We are now re-entering the lovely world of 3D modeling. YAY!

I am most defiantly struggling to remember how to use Autocad and SketchUp. It has taken my some time to remember how to dimension the components. I gave myself some time to just play around with the programming, and figure out what I’m doing. I ended up with a strange looking device that I promptly deleted and started over.

unnamed (2)

 (First attempt at SketchUp)

After watching numerous YouTube (, videos and asking several people for help and advice, I tried again to make the base of our device. I spent hours outside of class working on SketchUp and finally created something that looked… nothing at all like I wanted it to. I know that I have used Google SketchUp before. At one point in time I had all the tools in my arsenal to construct any structural beauty I so desired. However, those kills have all left me, and now I can not even make a cylinder. This ended up being my last attempt to make our device on SketchUp, I decided instead to return to my comfort food: Autocad Inventor.


(Final attempt at SketchUp)

When I returned to Autocad I found my knowledge flooding back to me. The downfall is that I can not use Autocad on my personal computer, but it’s worth it to avoid the pain of SketchUp. I was able to very quickly create the base of our device with all the needed details. I prefer the layout of Autocad over SketchUp primarily because I am more familiar with it. It makes sense to me and I have spent more time creating models with Inventor in previous engineering classes. I was finally able to start a working model for our project and took a lot of pressure off my shoulders knowing that something was finally working.

unnamed (39)

(First Autocad attempt)

At this point I have constructed a base that I am happy with and we will now move on to 3D printing our prototype. Currently, my biggest concern is making sure that the top of out device (modeled by Paloma) and the base of our device (modeled by myself) will fit together the way they are supposed to.

unnamed (3)

(Final Autocad attempt)

Over all, I think we are prepared to move on to the next step in our process. We have accomplished more than I expected we would have. I am excited to start testing our light and sound devices to determine which will be best.

We can’t wait to have a product out there to help keep people safe.

As always, stay safe.

Neon Shields.

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