Prepairing for the Prototype- Gutierrez, blog post 4

This week we are starting on our actual design of our car seat!! The hard part is our budget, based on the Design Proposal, we only had $75 to spend on all of our materials. So we have been working on editing the Design Proposal so that we are able to get more materials.

It is interesting to look at the feedback given to us, it gives more perspective and lets us think more of exactly what is

comments from teacher
comments from teacher

needed. Having another pair of eyes looking at our Design Proposal and pointing out flaws or what is not specific enough is great because we could be blinded and think that we have everything that is needed. But if it’s not specific enough then we need to dig deeper and find out exactly what is going to happen in the next steps. Maybe at that time we knew what we wanted, but later on we didn’t know what that meant. So being as open as possible is something to keep in mind while writing. Sometimes we don’t show our research, that is important to do so that we can give credit where it’s due. Also just making sure that everything is written correctly and there’s no typos written in the design proposal.

Our next step is to start designing and testing out our car seat! This is the part that we have been waiting for. JIA Seats is excited to finally put the ideas being formed in our head and on paper out on something tangible. We know that this will be a huge step and not anything easy, but we are excited. All we want is for children to be safe in the car. The only way to make that happen is to build our first prototype, and rebuild when we don’t like something. The design portion will be intricate, knowing exactly how long or wide to make a certain piece, and how much cushion to use where. What is best for the child on impact and where should the head support be. All of this and so much more will go through our heads once the first prototype will be coming together.

Our customers will always come first, we would really like your feedback. So if you could take the time and feel out this survey so that we know what to focus on more during the design process. Below is a survey that asks what is most important in a car seat to you, thank you for your time.

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