Our First 3-D Design!!!! R. Villescaz

Hello I am back! I hope you had a great turkey day!








So that was just for the holidays! Anyways, as an engineer, I’m excited to tell you that I have started our first 3-D Design on AutoDesk Inventor, formerly AutoCAD. It has been a couple of years so I was a little rusty on the new gadgets and gizmos. But I want to tell you more about what we are working on everyday.

In our group there are three students that are in the Engineering Pathway at Ann Richards, and two students in the Biomedical Pathway. The three engineer students are working on the the first Three Dimensional design and Biomed students are in charge of finding quality materials and supplies for our prototype. So far we have bought wires and a temperature sensor. We are being really quite picky with our pressure sensor. There are so many out there on the market that it can be confusing to differentiate the quality ones with the not so quality ones.

For my actual design in AutoDesk, I am making the actual device that will be put on the child’s seat. Desiree is making the key chain that will connect to the parent’s keys. Carina is doing a rough sketch of a child’s seat. Inside of the actual device there are a couple of different sensors and what I am going to be using to program the device.


Yes, I am using the Galileo Board to do the programming, because Carina and I interned at Intel and got the scoop on what the galileo board could do. I am extremely excited to mess up and perfect this product. I just wanted to tell any readers interested in engineering; failing is an important part of any project. There is always room for improvement, but there are also places that you will be satisfied, work for it.

Thanks for all of y’all’s support! I enjoy it all.

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