Engineering And Biomedical Uniting: Deanna Watson

Before the create and innovate phase, M.O.M has been in the process of ordering the supplies for the breast pump and also using AutoCad Inventor to produce a 3D model of the design layout. Since this phase in the project is about the engineering and biomedical students coming together, there is areas that students from pathway will expertise on.

For the engineering portion of the project, the AutoCad Inventor is familiar to them. This software designs a 3D image of the product to show our progress in the designing stage. Our team recently changed the initial design, we came up with, of the breast pump because some new innovative ideas were introduced. We wanted to incorporate a vibration from beads inside the cup of the breast pump to be able to design a relaxing sensation to the mother. Also another incorporation in the design was the circuit and motor type that will be controling and powering the breast pump. In order to provide different levels and speeds to the breast pump, the circuit and motor will need to be changed. This is where our engineering team members come to take over.


The biomedical memebers (like myself) will be involved in the science and medical findings of a mother who is breast feeding. There are hormones that are released and secretes into the body when a women has a child. An example of this is the breast milk that is produced when a women bares a child. Hormones that are released causes milk ducts in the breast to grow, causing a production of milk. Learn more about how breast milk is made at Sutter Health.  When a baby intakes milk, we also have to understand how that happens. When a baby intakes milk, a big portion of the breast is launched in the mouth and the back of the throat. The baby will have a cycle of about 50 suctions until a pause.


By combining the brains of both sides of the spectrum, it is easier to understand different tasks to make this breast pump better for mothers on the go.

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