Bye bye Thanksgiving break by GHernandez

Original photo by Ghernandez. Lulu feeling a bit frustrated.
Original photo by Ghernandez. Lulu feeling a bit frustrated.

Now that Thanksgiving break is over it is time to take action!

Our group has been worrying about materials and the actual construction of our prototype and completely forgot that we have the presentation portion of this project. I was actually surprised to hear that all these important and professional people were going to come and see our presentations. I am sure I was aware of such information but I definitely brushed it aside and completely took it as a surprise. I am also beyond nervous because I don’t feel ready enough? I use the question mark because I am not so sure that is the way to say it, but what I mean is that I don’t know how I feel about presenting in front of people who went to college to do what they do and who this is their job. Compared to me, who I am just an average high school student. I caught myself on how this is definitely not the way to go with this situation, I should be confident because it is those you least expect it from that surprise you the most in life.

Well that is basically an update but I want to focus on what Hestia will be doing now. We had a conversation with Ms. Miesner of what exactly our device will do. Originally we had the idea of creating a blanket that will have attached on the head part a cushioned circle sort of pillow in which the baby’s head would be placed to secure its head and assure the baby can comfortably sleep. Thus covering one of our customer needs which would be that it doesn’t interfere with head development. Second, it would have straps that would attach the blanket to the crib and straps that will wrap the baby like a burrito. Lastly, it would have a heart rate monitor that would alert the parents of any sort of change. Now although this idea rocked when really looked into what would be necessary to create and program a heart rate monitor we sort stepped back. Ms. Miesner gave us the idea of taking the monitor apart and it sounded great at first but then we had to think of how it’d be connected to the alarm. So we decided to take it out.

But today as we discussed what exactly would make a person want to buy our blanket, what makes it special? We thought that the straps onto the bed were it but it really wasn’t. Especially since there are already so many blankets with the same purpose like the Swaddle Blanket.

Swaddle blanket


We looked into heart rate monitors and found some that drew our attention like this Heart Rate Monitor except with our budget it would be too expensive. Plus we would also have to work with the alarm. So now we have decided that our devices purpose is to prevent suffocation, we will do so by attaching straps onto the blanket that will secure the baby in place and straps that will secure the blanket onto where it is placed, like a baby’s crib. Choosing the dimensions and creating it will consist of the engineering portion. And for the biomed we will look more into the head development and how our device can conquer that issue. Overall making a great device.

Heart Rate Educational Starter Pack with Polar Wireless Sensors


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