Create & Innovate (Annalise M)

Wow what a busy week for everyone! Hope you all had a great, safe, and relaxing Thanksgiving. Create & Innovate is getting closer and closer to creating our prototype and final design. We are constantly making changes and improving  our design as we get closer to the deadline. Before our Thanksgiving break, we worked on finishing up a draft of our 3D model that had to be submitted on Monday, on either Google SketchUp or AutoCAD.

Google SketchUp Model of Buckle Blanket
Google SketchUp Model of Buckle Blanket

Being the only engineer in the group, it was up to me to create the model. It was a struggle for me because I haven’t used either of these programs in over 2 to 3 years and I was a little rusty. I was fortunate enough to receive some type of assistance from some of my peers and teachers which was quite helpful. I started off using AutoCAD because I was more familiar with this program but it was extremely difficult to try and create a blanket type structure from scratch, so I ended up using Google SketchUp. I have a picture here, of what our 3D model looks like so far.It still needs a little tweaking and such, but it shows the main idea of our design.

Jason Mills Website
Jason Mills Website

This week, we are supposed to be starting to actually build our prototypes with the materials we ordered from Amazon, Lowe’s, and an extremely beneficial website called Jason Mills, LLC which manufacturers and distributes Polyester and Nylon Knit Mesh Fabrics and Textiles. We have requested samples from this site to see which fabric would be the best for Create & Innovate’s future customers. We also ordered some grommits and hook clasps from Amazon and Lowe’s. Once we receive these materials, we will be able to get started on making our prototype! Until then, we will continue to work on, and improve our design for the better of the community.

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