Baby Beeper 3-D Modeling~Carina Carrasco

Recently the engineering team of Baby Beeper has been working on creating a 3-D model(using autodesk inventor) of what we want the outcome of the product to be like. I have worked on the outer shell of what the car seat is generally going to look like(granted it still needs some refining and tweaking). This is my favorite part because it really helps to have a visual to refer to in the different views to see how the pieces fit together and which pieces are suppose to go where. 3-D modeling is also a way to organize and monitor our progress. Making the model requires a lot of measurements and details because it will lead to a more accurate prototype and a more favorable end result.








The picture towards the right is the outer shell which includes memory foal cushions for the best comfort for the child. It did take sometime to get a refresher on how the auto cad program works. The picture on the left is box where the sensor is going to placed, a galileo board and bread board is going to be used for the alarm system part of the car seat. Wiring will go on the boards that will then tell the alarm So I used this guide that helped me see what each thing did and the shortcuts to make sure that the design is detailed and an accurate representation of what the company was envisioning the outcome to be. Auto CAD is to me the best and most user friendly program there is for 3-D modeling. I tried using google sketch up at first but I didn’t really like the layout of it and Auto CAD is easier to use for when there needs to be modifications made to the model.

The rest of the team members have worked on doing more research and ordering materials that are needed to begin our prototype stage of the design process. While looking for materials it is important to look at the specifics and keep the budget in mind. Which to the customers make the company seem more reliable and professional. Having an effective product for the customer is important to the success of the business because it will lead to profit.

Communication among the team is important, so one is able to know what is expected of them. Also coming together to keep each other on track to have the best outcome possible in a timely manner.


What program do you use for 3-D modeling?

Why is it important to have a visual representation of a design?





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