Connecting the Dots by Yuvia Ruiz


Over the past few days my team members and have seem to be struggling. We have come to realize that we have such little time to accomplish our goal. However we been trying to pick our materials for our first prototype. Although Ms.Miesner has mentioned to us that when creating our first prototype we wont necessarily  always have success, I don’t quite feel comfortable if our prototype doesn’t make improvement. Now we might know what exactly we want to build, trying to find the materials we need at a reasonable price is has been a challenge. In our first round we order all the materials we would need for the handle. We also had to rethink the amount we would build do to the price. Which we decided that we would build one adjusted handle. In our second round of materials we hope to buy the materials for the curtain, and we hope we can send the request in as soon as possible. As for the walk-in tub we decided that we would demonstrate it in google sketchup with the measurements we would use. Since our time is limited and we would not finish on time.

Photo Credit Yuvia
Photo Credit Yuvia
Photo Credit Yuvia
Photo Credit Yuvia

During class we then started working on the Google Sketchup. I must admit however at first it was quite hard, since I had a couple of years I had not used the program. But my team members were eager to learn all about it. I started by teaching them a little of the basics. Although I am the engineer I felt the need for them to at least know what was going on. After playing around with the program to  get familiar once again with the program and start working on the product we then decided that I would be in charge of the sketch, since I already had the skill. We also agreed that we needed to start on the power point for our first presentation. So we began to start assigning roles to balance the work amongst each other.

Furthermore for the past few days we been trying to get all our stuff prepare to start our prototype. We understand that it will take a lot of dedication, and patience that is why we hope that we can take turns working on the prototype. In other words have two members work on the prototype one day while the others work on the power point and so on.

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