Wherever You’re Going, Be Safe -Alexys Garza

Good evening readers! This week has been one of the more calming ones that my team, Blanket Belt Inc., has had so far and probably will have. Early last week we put in an order for a few supplies we feel will help us with building a prototype. For the end of the week we began 3D modeling on the computers, and early this week we continued this work. Yesterday on Monday November 24th, we finished this modeling. The 3D model that we were able to create gave us a better idea of how we want to go forward in creating our first prototype.
During this break my group’s focus is to move along in our independent OSHA training. Although this part of our project seems irrelevant, I feel that that with this training we will gain skills that will help us later on in the future. After the physical creation of our product we will need these skills from OSHA to go along with making business plans and etc. If we’re lucky enough to take our product past the school walls we will for sure need the OSHA certification.
I am very confident that we will be able to create a prototype similar to what we envision for our final product. Although difficult, my group and I are very excited to continue working towards making the issue with child safety a lot simpler. I myself am very affected by this issue, being very close to a child like age as well as having two younger brothers and four younger cousins I love so dearly.
Although right now my group is not involved with a list of things, we are still working towards our end product. Because of all the focus I catch myself thinking about this product we are working on when I myself am in a car and wanting to sleep. I am very passionate about what we are doing and I hope that we will be able to make a difference, even if it is a small difference.
In the first round of ordering we asked a company to send different types of net material to test out in our prototype. We also ordered clips to test out in vehicles which would be used to hook the blanket to the car, ensuring better safety for the child.
Key clip
Example of clamp that could possibly be used in end product.
As soon as the products we have already ordered come in, we will be able to start making a prototype. Until this happens we will continue to progress slowly and think deeply about our goals for this project. Maybe our product will be available for sales next holidays!

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