Adventures of 3-D Modeling – Kaiyla Washington

As you  may already know that we have completed our design proposal. From finishing it we have got a lot of great feed back about what we needed to improve and what key information would really make out design and reality .

Now M.O.M is on to bigger and better things and have now started to work on  3-D prototyping. For me and Sabrina this can be a daunting task since we haven’t really did 3-D modeling in two years. With that being said we had to figure out what software we would use to 3-D model the two choices that we had to choose from was Auto-cad (Inventor) or use Google sketch-up which we used with to complete our DAP project during our sophomore year. Although both 3-D modeling software are great I decided to go with Auto-cad which I found out was a huge mistake because when using Auto-cad inventor you can not design the little parts and components that go into the specific piece that I was trying to make and it would just take more time that I would personally have to be able to complete it. So after that trial and error I decided to  go on to Google sketch-up and I immediately fell in love. All of my memory on how to design and use the Google sketch up garage. Right now, on Google sketch-up ,I am currently working on the component that will go inside of the head of the suction plate for the breast pump.

(Original Image by Kaiyla Washington)

One of M.O.M’s biggest goal for our breast pump is to mimic to babies suction on their moms breast so in order to do that we came up with an fan plate component  that has 4 vibrator balls to where it is like an personal massage for the nipple to where it can guide the milk out of the breast in an relaxing way. I have completed the design from the sketch above and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.


( Google Sketch up Screenshot by Kaiya Washington)

Over the break I will be 3-D modeling the cone that will be the base for the fan plate. This will be  just be another component that is needed for the breast pump to run smoothly and also help with the control of the massage balls in the fan plate.  A sketch of the design will be attached below.


(Original Image by Kaiyla Washington)

M.O.M has decided to divide up the work for this project over Thanksgiving break. Hopefully after Thanksgiving break, we can order the right materials start building our prototype.Although this might be hard work I know that we will push through and have an wonderful prototype to present.  I am ecstatic to see how our breast pump will turn out.

Happy Early Thanksgiving.

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