3-D My Model – Dayanne Acosta

As we continue to move along with this project, there are a couple of things that Hestia became aware of. For example, once we looked at our design into more detail, our team came to the conclusion that some parts that we were originally going to have in our baby blanket must be looked over, meaning that the blanket had to be modified once again before we began building our prototype.

In our previous blog posts, we have mentioned how we made different changes to the design, and even though we had thought that we were done making changes, we were proved wrong. This shows that as we keep moving along, our team will have to continue to make changes and adjustments if we would like our final product to be successful.

The main part of our original design was the heart rate monitor, however after researching and having a thorough group meeting/discussion, our team decided that we no longer will be adding the heart rate monitor. Since the purpose of the design will be to prevent suffocation then the blanket should fit this, and this does not need to have a heart rate monitor in order to prevent this. We knew that the blanket itself could prevent suffocation; we just needed to find the correct materials to achieve this.

Once we settled down and decided on how our product will function and look like our team moved on to the next step, which was designing the product on Sketch-Up. Our teachers, Mrs. Jo and Ms. Miesner, have given us class time to work on our project.

Baby Blanket Final Sketch-Up Design- Photo taken by Dayanne A.
Baby Blanket Final Sketch-Up Design- Photo taken by Dayanne A.

While we continue to wait for the materials to get here, our team has focused on working on designing the baby blanket on Sketch-Up. Sketch-Up is a succesful program that students in the engineering pathway became familiar with in ninth grade.  At first we were wondering why the blanket must be designed on this program because our design is simple, and we didn’t find it necessary to do so. Our prototype will only include a blanket, straps and a type of neck/head support. However after designing the product on the program we understood that by doing this, this helped us understand how the product will work in more detail.

Lourdes Cruz, was in charge of modeling the blanket. To the left you will find a photo of her working on the design.

Lourdes is working on Sketch-Up - Photo taken by Dayanne Acosta
Lourdes is working on Sketch-Up – Photo taken by Dayanne Acosta

Even though Lourdes in a bio medical student, and was not familiar with Sketch-Up, she got the hang of it really quickly, and did a great job on it. After a couple of edits to the design our final design was done. To the right, there is a photo of the final design.

Our team, decided to not assign each other a lot of work for this project over Thanksgiving break. Our team is currently waiting for the materials to arrive so we can start to work on building our prototype.

Hopefully after Thanksgiving break, the materials will come in because  we want to start building the actual prototype already, so we have enough time to fix the design before the give a presentation on the product.







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