The Waiting Game- Andrea Cazares

The SEAS team has been working diligently and productively to complete the work needed to be done before the materials come in. Waiting for the materials can be excruciating at times. However, the SEAS team uses their time wisely. We have been preparing for our final presentation. We’re excited to be presenting in front of a panel of judges who have experience in medical interventions, like the one we are creating. This brings us back to our DAP projects that were necessary for graduation. Looking back on those days, the presentation was scary but nonetheless, helpful for preparing us for college presentations. Like our current project, we went in front of a panel of judges to present our solution to a problem.

Sofia's sketch of the design.
Sofia’s sketch of the design.

Stephanie and Sofia channeled their inner engineer and created the sketch-up for our design. As you can see, the design is incredibly detailed and could not express our vision of the design any more. It was love at first sight! From the way the gels cross, to the support layer, the design is state of the art. Now we can only hope that our prototype is just as alluring. As soon as the materials come in, the SEAS team will be busy getting ready for our final presentation. Don’t be fooled though. Our “final” presentation is not the last step in the design process. In fact, we’re just a little more than half way! We have most of the second semester to work on marketing our product and getting it ready for sale. This project can be tedious at times, but it takes the bond of a team, to make it all the more fun.

Stephanie works hard to finish the sketch.
Stephanie works hard to finish the sketch.

Eliza and I are constantly in awe of the work that’s being done. Eliza’s dad is a doctor and is constantly seeing patients that have foot problems. I personally have a lot of members in my family that suffer from feet pain. To get the opportunity to create something so my relatives won’t be in pain, is such an incredible experience. I’m looking forward to the end result.

Eliza works to complete the final presentation.
Eliza works to complete the final presentation.

We’re still pretty early in the design process but it’s hard to imagine what the end product will look like. However just like in life, it takes going day-by-day to get the work done. Eventually we’ll have an innovative design that will take over the biomedical field. Though these seem like huge aspirations, my school always taught me to set high goals. The expectations are high but the passion is even higher.

Can’t wait for you to see the final product!


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