Mothers Do Matter- Cruz, Campos, Ornelas, Vera (Brianna)

The team has had so much fun starting their deliverable, they have been rewarded with complete classes full of work time. The team is on the computer through out the whole class.

Brianna on sketch up
Brianna working on Google Sketch up at home.
dimensions for breast pump
Amanda’s breast pump dimensions.

The engineers include Brianna and Amanda working hard on a new program called Google Sketch Up, well it’s new to them. Their task is to take the dimensions of the breast pump and create it on the software. It is not as easy as it should be, because they had to teach themselves how to use the software. It took them about a full class period to make themselves familiar with the program. The only part of the breast pump the girls are missing is the bottles, the tubes, and the nipple pads. The holster was what both of them wanted to complete first. It took both of them three class periods to complete the holster. The engineers have changed their mind about making two different breast pumps on Google Sketch Up. It seemed as if it was a waste of time, but in fact the girls say that it helped the refresh their computer skills, which they missed from past engineering classes.

The biomed girls include Gaby and Dennis. Their job is to research materials that Mothers Do Matter needs to create the breast pump with, after the engineers design it on Google Sketch Up. It is their job to find the best brand of materials that the team needs and also not spend more money than the team has to. It was up to the biomed girls to research as fast as they could to make sure that our materials order went in as soon as possible, making sure that we receive our parts fast, so that the team can start constructing. Our Instructor Ms. Miesner gave our group a toy that contains a wind up tool on the inside, so that we do not have to spend money on another one. The engineers are very anxious to take the toy apart and see what they get to work with.

The group has been doing a lot of computer work so their has not been a lot of group meetings during class hours. This past Friday the team finally had a group meeting to make sure everyone was doing what they should be doing and if anything needed to be resolved it could have been. Everyone was doing great, but the meeting was still great. The engineers got to compliment each other’s work and got to see how hard the biomed girls have been working. Other than that the team is doing good and is looking forward to Thanksgiving break. Mothers Do Matter plans on getting a lot of work done in class on Monday, so that the break can be mainly devoted to their families.

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