Desiree Blog #3

As we get further and further into our 3D Modeling stage our teams have separated into two groups. The engineering people and the biomedical people, those of us who have engineering experience are in charge of making 3D Models of our prototype on AutoCAD. Those with biomedical experience are in charge of ordering the things we may need to make this vision come to life.

I am a studCHIPOTLEEEEent with engineering and AutoCAD expertise. Working with this programming again is really not as easy as I thought it would be. I have to relearn everything from which I learned years ago. But after getting started I can remember how to do everything and me and Rosa help each other when we don’t know how to do certain things. It seems she knows things I don’t know and I know things that she doesn’t know.

Our final 3D Model will be a Galileo bored wrapped in memory foam attached to the car seat somewhere. The Galileo board will have temperature and pressure sensors to detect the temperature of the car and detect the baby’s presence. The memory foam will serve as a cover of the board and a pillow for the car seat so that way the child won’t play with the wiring and it won’t get damaged.

During this process we have had so many team meetings to make sure we are all on the same track and to make sure that we are all contributing to the project as a pTRU1-16461641dtwhole. We all have a general idea of what we want the car seat to look like and what the car seat will look like. When it comes down to the details we can use a little more communication. But so far everything is going good within our team and we are really making progress and getting far. I think we are all excited to see what our final product will look like and to finally start actually and literally building it.

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