Shopping Time – JYaqoob

This week, Blossom Biomedical Design team has been shopping for materials to make face mask. Each member was looking in websites and stores that could have the materials  needed to complete the mask. Because each member of the group was thinking about the effective materials and the cost for each item and was ordering materials, and the ordering materials was around black Friday and thanksgiving, that’s why the title is called Shopping Time. Our goal throughtout ordering materials is to see if the materials could have any effect on the customers.

Blossom Biomedical Design team chose 6 items that could possibly make a better face mask. These items are satin fabric, filter, buckle strap, carbon filter, surgical mask, and elastic. The team filled a form that states the quantity and the need and the place to give to the teacher. Picture 1 and 2 are examples of the materials the team ordered.           Picture 1                                     Picture 2

Some items were ordered from hancock fabrics and some were ordered from Amazon, the reason why the ordered from hancock fabric store is  because it had fabric and filters that would work better on the face mask. For example, picture 3 shows one of the filter (carbon filter) the team chose in hancock fabric store near Ann Richards School.

Cite: picture taken by LBanda From left to right: MFlores, JSalazar, JYaqoob
Cite: picture taken by LBanda
From left to right: MFlores, JSalazar, JYaqoob                                                   Picture 3

In order to use a filter while making a mask, biomedical students who are Blossom Biomedical Design team like JYaqoob and JSalazar must research the effect of some materials like carbon filter have on people so the customers won’t be harmed. Carbon filter is made of carbon and is best known for the best types of filters due to its ability to not let small particles pass through the filter as one the team goals to not let small and heavy particles pass through the mask. But of course, biomedical also includes chemistry, so to understand carbon better, I had to search carbon element looking at the chemistry of the carbon. Lenntech website of Water Treatment Solutions states under Health effects of carbon section that carbon element has very low toxicity and people use carbon all the time when they eat. However, chronic inhalation exposure to carbon black may result in temporary of permanent damage to lungs and heart, so as a biomedical students we must chose the best carbon (not black carbon) because it can cause some illness to the customers. I remember now that one of our team chose black carbon without researching about it so sharing this post with her will make her change her mind about her selection, but other than that the team is choosing wise materials and have ordered different types of filter examining which one would be more effective and can breathe through it.

Shopping can be fun but one must buy the necessary materials and consider the cost, choosing the right materials was more important than looking at the cost, yet the team kept a limit of the budget as they were ordering. Other than shopping and ordering materials, I have learned this week to be careful to search before acting and buying and to communicate it with group.

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