Google Sketchup and Evenflo Car Seat- Martinez J (JIA Seats)

This week we focused on purchasing our materials to start the process of building our product. Also this week we focused on starting our final presentation that we will be presenting to our classmates, teachers, and maybe some professionals. Part of my job for this presentation is to create a three dimensional model of our product design. I have decided to use Google Sketchup in order to create this model.

Photo by Jennifer Martinez
Photo by Jennifer Martinez

It has been some time since I have used this program so I started off a little rusty in the process. The engineering kids have used this a few times in tenth grade after our DAP project in order to create a new design of how Mrs. Jo’s old classroom would look like. Once I started to use sketchup again, at first I got frustrated because I couldn’t remember how to use the tools or how things worked in general but little by little, as I played around with all the different tools, I started to understand how the program worked again. Because I got so frustrated at times, when I achieved things, even if it was the smallest of things, I got excited and proud of myself. It was cool to see that the car seat I was designing actually looked like a car seat.  I also felt proud and happy whenever my teammates were complimenting me on the progress I had made and how they thought that it was cool how I was able to work with this program very well. I have made progress with my model but I am still not done with the final product mode. There are a few things I need to add but overall the model is halfway done and I am excited to see how the 3-D design will look like.Another thing we did this week was order out car seat for our product design. Because our budget was based on the grade we had received on our design proposal, we had to do a lot of research in order to find a car seat that was in good condition but that also cheap. The reason why it was difficult to find a car seat was because there weren’t many car seats that were at a good price range that were in good condition. Car seats today are very expensive but only because they are made by a good brand and because of the good quality. The car seat that we ended up choosing was the Evenflo Tribute DLX Convertible Car Seat – Baylor.

Evenflo Tribute DLX Convertible Car Seat - Baylor (Photo from Babies R Us website)
Evenflo Tribute DLX Convertible Car Seat – Baylor (Photo from Babies R Us website)

We originally ordered from Babies R Us but our teacher did us a favor and ordered it for us from Amazon which was good because this saved us more money that we didn’t know we had. Now that we have submitted the order in, we are now waiting for the product to arrive so we can start building our design model. We are planning on editing our design proposal in order to get a higher grade and to be able to receive more money. After Thanksgiving break we are planning on ordering our final materials and finally start building our model.

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