The Lost Entry by Nissa M

Everything is starting to become more real now. Apart from the blog that I posted that somehow got lost in the inter webs , our idea is starting to come to fruition. We have begun ordering our items , or in our case our piece of cloth or whatever you want to call it.

“We ordered foam,” Lulu answered me as she scrunches her nose. “Just don’t talk abut that because I’m going to talk about the foam , okay?” She continues, opening up word press to begin her blog. “Alright , I got you, chill.” I say so she wont freak out and think there is nothing else to write about.

working hard or hardly working?

Apparently have changed our goals from preventing SIDS to preventing asphyxiation, because just how do you prevent SIDS? There is no scientific research that shows why SIDS happens? Maybe one day we will know but for now were just going to have to settle for preventing asphyxiation which seems much more reasonable. Well at least in my opinion.

An idea has come to me. I think that when our product is all said and done , which is going quite ahead of the future, we should include a pamphlet on SIDS and asphyxiation, to educate the parent so they are at least aware of what it is because there are still people who don’t know what it is.

We have encountered a speed bump and it is 11:23 AM , we haven’t figured out how to place the straps on the blanket/we haven’t ordered the material. Well figure it out we are all brainstorming as we speak.

A group from last year had some type of neck brace thing which has an aux cord. We have decided to use this to hold the babies head and the plus side , the parents can connect whatever type of media device to the aux cord and the baby can I guess fall asleep to it. They can listen to white noise or some kind of classical music that enhances their intelligence or will enhance their intelligence later in life.

I know that the brainstorming phase is more than a bit over but I think it would be cool to make the blanket out of some thermal material so that when its really hot the blanket is cool or when its really cold the blanket is cool or it can adjust to the babies temperature but that’s probably too complicated so no, I will however speak to my partners about this.

Lulu and her foam

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