The Final Design Can Always Be Improved by Sabrina Lomeli

Now that we have submitted and have had our design proposal approved along with our final design for our final breast pump.

EPSON MFP image(Original Image From Sabrina Lomeli)

The picture above illustrates how our final design will look under the clothes. This design has the milk transported from the breastshields into a fanny pack which will have a cooling fabric along the liner. The design is optional single or dual pump that has an optional strap that wraps around the waist to hold the tubes in place so as to not be noticeable.

Now its time for us to order our material and start to build our prototype. Though this has proven to be a lot harder than what we originally thought. One of the difficulties that we found was that our design did not fully meet up too our original plan and needs of the breast pump. One of the needs that was missing was the breast pump being able to feel like a baby is actually feeding from the mother. Looking into this we thought that maybe inserting rotating discs into the breast shield, disc that move in a similar pattern to back massagers.



Though we found that this too was not very practical too put into effect so we need to go in and see if there is a way to massage the breast in the manner that a child would when suckling, without needing too use extra power sources that wound need seperate power sources.So as a team we thought that it would be best too try to move on for the moment and go back after we have finished creating the breast pump as a whole.

The hardest aspect that we have come across so far is working with our $81 budget to purchase all the materials needed to create our design.

Though, upon extensive research we have found that instead of purchasing a motor specifically for breast pump, we can actually purchase a fish tank cleaner motor for 1/4 the price and all we need to do is adapt the power source to receive DC power and to program the pump to be able to pump in intervals by first testing a breadboard and experimenting with duty cycles and time intervals.

These are a few things that we found need to be added to our final design to make perfect but we are having issues putting into effect. In some situations, I feel that we need to chose one innovation over the other though I know that we are all trying to make sure that all of the final innovations can be incorporated into our pump.

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