Steps to Building our Prototype! – Jada Washington

Buckle Belt turned in their 23 page Deliverable 2 on November 3rd, 2014. Including a great and well written Executive Summary that included what we wanted to create which is a safety restraint system that will target adults who are wanting to keep their children safe while they are laying down in the back of a car seat. Our Biomedical Background, Design Objective and Overview were also great, well written components of our deliverable. Our group really needed to work on Material Research Technical Background that lacked all the materials needed for our prototype and the different regulations we needed to follow. After turning in our well written Deliverable it was time to start moving onto physically designing our prototype. Although it made all of us nervous, we were readier than ever to start the next chapter of our project.

Due to not enough sufficient information in our Material Research Technical Background we had minor problems trying to figure out what materials we should use for our prototype. After much researching in class we came up with a material to use to hook our net to a vehicle car seat to ensure total safety for the individual laying down. We decided as a team to use a carabiner clip hook, the reason why is because this hook can be used for climbing. We know that this hook has to be sturdy due to the fact that it can hold an individuals weight while climbing.

Photo from Amazon.
Photo from Amazon


We still needed to figure out what net material we were going to use to rap the individual in. We wanted a net that was strong and sturdy but not uncomfortable because in our customer needs our first is safety and our fourth most important is comfort. After hours of researching, looking at the net material that are used in baby play pens, volleyball nets, hammock netting we still couldn’t find the best material to use.

Photo from ebay
Photo from ebay
Photo from Volleyball Central
Photo from Volleyball Central










After much frying of our brains we called in an expert Ms.Miesner who showed us to a great website called We saw many different materials that could had a lot of potential to be our net material. Since we did not have the materials on hand and we didn’t want to buy the materials at that time, we emailed the companies superior to see if they could send any samples. With our prototype we also needed to make sure that the net could hook to the hooks. We came up with grommets that could attach to the net, and the hook would hook through the whole in the grommet.

Photo from Lowe's
Photo from Lowe’s

On November 18th, 2014 my team and I went to my car to see if our design could actually work. In my car which is a  2008 Sorento I had two hooks in my back seat where our potential carabiner clip hooks could fit into and lock. That’s when all our faces light up because we realized that we were going somewhere and that our prototype had a high chance of succeeding. That same day we went back to class and ordered our carabiner hooks and grommets.

For the past few weeks we have been lucky to succeed, and we can’t wait to get all our materials in to be able to build our prototype and see it come to life.

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