Hey lovely reader!, this week has been all about focusing on priorities within our project. We’ve decided that it is nearly impossible to buy or create a brand new bathtub( that would take us an eternity), we decided that we will improvise our project by choosing our main priorities, and what we believe the clients would benefit more from, or what they actually need more of. When our teacher went over our deliverable about a week ago, we noticed that we were missing a couple of small but important things, for example if we know that some of our clients might have vision loss then we should make the handles very clear for them to see and visible as well, which made us think that we might need to add a bright color to the handles or a flashing light, something that can really catch their attention. This whole week we’ve started to look for the materials we will be needing to start our project with. We started by reviewing our materials and the budget we have, we need to make this an affordable project as well as successful. We used the internet to order our first set of materials went into the Lowes website as well as Home Depot. We decided we would order some type of “spongy” material to cover the handles with, this way our clients can have a better grip on the handles in case they feel like falling or slipping. We thought about the “spongy” material for a very long time since we could never really figure out what it’s actual name was, after thinking about the same subject for a while, we figured that the material could be the same material as the material in pool noodles.

Pool Noodles
Pool Noodles

We ended up ordering a pool noodle to see if it could potentially work with the handle we are thinking of using for this project. Once we receive these materials we will be able to start the hands on part of this project. Today we were looking for alternatives to a bathtub, thinking instead of creating a whole bathtub we can build the side of the bathtub which is where the handles will be located and all our other materials like the curtain will be located as well. Today was our first group member evaluation form and I got to be the first one to evaluate my other group members. We only had 15 minutes to finish the evaluation which was kind of hard considering that there is just so much each one of us do that I couldn’t complete fit everything I wanted to add. Next time I will make sure every single detailed is added into the evaluation form we created.

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