SEAS TeamHard at Work!- Stephanie

Recently in class we have all been hard at work on our design. At this point the engineering members are working on google sketch up and Auto Cad Inventor to make a 3D models of our foot insole that we previously sketched. Meanwhile the biomedical girls have ordered the materials that we will be needing for actual prototyping.

Previous Sketch
Previous Sketch

As far as designing goes, I am working on auto Cad Inventor. The first day it took me a while to re- acclimate myself with the program, since I had not worked with it in a while, but today I got pretty far along in the design. Now giving that this is still a work in progress I would say that this is good start for now. The only dilemmas that I have been encountering has been creating the middle arch support. I am going to try next class to add and fix to it, but I am thinking that I may need to sketch on a different axis or just work on extruding multiple small shapes. I also know that I need to round out the comforting beads and make the design seamless in shape and colors. (Check out last blog for sofias experience with Google sketch up)

Biomedical members ordering material
Biomedical members ordering material
My Auto Cad Inventor model so far... Still a work in progress!
My Auto Cad Inventor model so far… Still a work in progress!

For materials we have decided to include glue, yoga mat, temper pedic, and gel material taken from other shoe insoles. This is our first round of ordering materials but we think that with our budget of $90, we have still left enough money for the next order if we need more materials and or run into any problems with our envisioned design.

So to sum it up we are all hard at work, and are so excited for our materials to come in and finnish our 3D model, plus OSHA training is under way as well!


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