Our Wish List by Dennis Vera

Howdy partners! It is getting closer to Christmas break and it seems like a good time to start our wish list for our team! Through much planning in Mothers Do Matter, we finally came up with the materials that we will need to make the breast milk pump. Although, we did realize through the process that it was important to have our breast pump structure finalized. If not, we would find ourselves in a complex situation where we could take a longer time on making our wish list. Which sadly we did find ourselves in that situation but no worries! Just like we each stated in our contract, we must be committed! Therefore, we did meet the deadline today and we are ready to send of our wish list!

Now you might be asking yourself, what could possibly be in that wish list? I know I would be! So here you go!

There you have it folks, and that is our wish list. When we finally settled on how the breast milk pump would be constructed our prototype seemed tangible and our wish list was finalized!

Although with everything comes a complication! ( Or as we like to call it, a struggle) The wind up toy was the only thing in our list that we sadly could not find in the internet, and as all of you know that is the most crucial material in our prototype, because it is what causes the milk to flow and get through the tubes to the baby bottles. After much time of frustration and researching for this project. Monday morning, our wonderful teacher, Ms. Miesner brought us a wind up toy. As you can see, we were all very excited and grateful!

Well it seems like our wish list is now becoming a reality! Our extraordinary team member, Gabriela Ornelas is currently looking for the best deals for our materials and she is making sure that we stay way under budget, and let me tell you. She is an expert at shopping! She can find the best deals,so it is most likely that we are staying under budget. This is extraordinary, because if we have more money left then we can use that for the improvement process of our prototype.

Gabriela Ornelas searching up materials.

Also, as you click on the materials then you can see in which site we found the materials, just so you can see how we were trying to keep our budget price low. Who knows, maybe you could give us advice on even lower prices for those materials. It is never too late, so please do comment, because I am pretty sure you are a shopping expert too! Thank you and until next time!

*Pictures taken by Dennis Vera

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