JIA Seats :: New Tasks! –Alana C.

Moving through the cycle!
Moving through the cycle!
A closer look at a potential seat.
A closer look at a potential seat.

This past week, JIA Seats began a new marking period. We have been given more tasks, including looking up more car seat parts and possible items to purchase using our money we received. So far, we have decided as a team that we want to get a car seat from a popular brand of choice, Graco. We have found potential car seats from them that may be a good choice for us to use and add more of our own touches on it depending on what parts are available and our drawings and brainstorming for what our car seat should include. So far we want adjustable seat belts and head pieces, a new buckle that completely covers up the child’s front side, and efficient padding all around. The JIA Seats team has been looking for materials that will be the best item to buy for the best price, and will be best suited to make this car seat as safe as we need it to be. This will be a difficult task that requires a lot of planning and thought, JIA Seats will be need to be focused and referring back to our design proposal for a good task on what to remember and what our focus needs to be on. As a team, we all have different views on each part of the final product, and how we should go about it. Our biomedical teammates, Ilana and Alana will be able to keep in mind what is needed when we research what to buy in order to keep this item something that will keep a child and their body safe when in the seat, while our engineering teammate, Jennifer will be able to look at the project and figure out which materials will be best suited for which part of the car seat we are adding to the starting one and as a team, we’ll be able to piece everything together to make something that will be study, safe and trusted by all users.

Along with researching materials to buy, for the rest of the semester we are continuing our OSHA training and also making corrections to our design proposal, since we figured the design proposal is a great place to start when it comes to buying materials. We need a great design proposal to go off of, so making changes to what we had before will make the rest of the project easier on all of us. We’re all looking forward on what’s to come.

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