A Little More Research…- Ana F.

The SuperNovas are going to add a heat sensor to the hard hat design and remove the goggles from the design. Seeing as we live in Texas, we thought this would be a helpful addition to our design. We also think that it would help make our product worthy of the marketplace. Overheating is a serious problem here and can possible be helpful for future designs of all kinds of hats our clothing. Since we are changing the design and adding something new, we need to do a little more research on this technology. Eventually, we have to be able to create these sensors. So we are stuck reading Temperature Sensors; the Basics and other helpful websites trying to figure this out. However, we don’t have to deal with that until later so we are just doing some preliminary research and will go more in depth later on.

Right now we are doing OSHA training, ordering the materials that we need for our first prototype, planning for these next few weeks and writing these blog posts. blog post

So far, I see that we don’t need that many materials which is good because we need to finish our order forms tomorrow. We are still figuring out how we are going to construct this prototype. Attaching the cloth to the hard hat should be easy but the heat sensor is going to be tricky. Finding a place where it will not disturb the wearer and is not hazardous to him either will be the hard to figure out. Especially since we also want to add comfortable padding to the inside of the hard hat. We will need to research the regulations and standards for these heat sensors. Are they not allowed to be near certain materials? Do they have overheat in certain conditions? These are things we are going to have to consider when adding this to our design.

We have a lot of research ahead of us.

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