It’s that time- LBanda

It’s that time to now get our hands dirty and begin creating our design. Before diving ourselves into this process, we wanted to create a teamwork time expectation rubric in order to recap on the weekly expectations for work time for the team. Each week, one of us will fill our the rubric and grade each member according to our performances. We created the rubric according to the classroom leadership traits. The leadership traits included commitment, cooperation/open-mindedness, grit/work ethic, empathy and humor, and communication.

Cite: created by Blossom Biomedical Design
Cite: created by Blossom Biomedical Design

Since finishing up our deliverable, we began looking more specifically into the actual materials we would want to potentially use for the creation of our mask. Since we plan on making the product from mostly fabrics, we started researching the types of fabrics that Hancock Fabrics had to offer. We found a Fusible Interfacing 931TD Midweight White Fabric that we thought we could use as a filter. This is made from 100% polyester. I researched into polyester and found that it is commonly used to insulate material in a pillow, comforters, and upholstery padding. It has specific advantage over other types of fabrics, which include improved wrinkle resistance, durability, and high color retention. Durability is a good characteristic that could help the design of our mask to be more durable and potentially reusable. Another fabric we plan to use as a decorative fabric, which can be changed according to the customers age and taste is the stretch satin. It’s made of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, which follows the same lines of the previous fabric I spoke about.

We want to be able to purchase different types of fabrics to be able to test each one and make sure if follows our criteria of lightweight, effectiveness and insulation. We could make different ones and test them out amongst different people in order to get different views besides the team.

Cite: picture taken by LBanda From left to right: MFlores, JSalazar, JYaqoob
Cite: picture taken by LBanda
From left to right: MFlores, JSalazar, JYaqoob

In order to make sure that our mask is going to be sized correctly, we want to do some research on sizes of the head of people of all ages. Since we want the mask to have an adjustable strap, the strap will be made the length according to how small or large the customer’s head can be. If the customer is a child, it can be adjusted to a small size and vice versa. The strap will be made from some type of elastic so it can also be tightly fitted, if wanted, to the customers head.

Every step of making our product will be reviewed to make sure the outcome will be the best. I am looking forward to going into the design process and start creating the design that has been sitting in our brains for a while now.

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