A New Beginning- Gabriela Ramos

This is the Foamology101 foam used for projects and design.
This is the Foamology101 foam used for projects and design.

We began the week with an introduction to the next step in our process of creating the “ideal chair.” This six weeks Comfort4U will be focussing on building a prototype of our innovation. As we complete our OSHA training, that certifies our knowledge in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Delving into these next two sections of our project certifies the beginning of the making process of the maker star.

First, Comfort4U began their OSHA training on Friday October 8th. This is a very important training that certifies workers with knowledge about their rights as employees as well as rules on how to be safe in a work environment. This is a ten hour course that will be completed by the beginning of the new year (2015). The Comfort4U team members will by then have the basic knowledge about the rules and regulations of the workers and their work place. With circumstances like the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire in 1911, congress established the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in order to establish rules and regulations for maintaining healthy workers and workplaces. OSHA applies to all employees excluding farmers and the self employed. To take the OSHA course you visit their website at http://www.careersafeonline.com/index.php/component/content/article/9-courses/35-osha-10-hour-general-industry where you will visit a sreies of modules and assesments that will educate workers on safety and their rights. So far in my training I have completed two modules of the training. I learned why we are going to take this module and basic information on how OSHA functions and how it’s beneficial to employees.

These are the required modules of the OSHA training.
These are the required modules of the OSHA training.

Later in the week our instructors Ms. Miesner and Ms. Jo introduced the criteria and schedule for constructing our prototype. We met with Ms. Miesner about our design proposal and had a team meeting on the probability of actually creating our product and the logistics on how to do so. She told us that while our research and overall design was original and innovative, it would be difficult to do considering money and time. She told us to focus on one area of our chair design and turn that into an attachment to a regular school chair.


The team got together and decided to create a chair attachment that relieves both back and butt pain. We decided to create a foam cushion and back that encompuses health and comfort benefits. In our Hunt for Hacks the team did a few weeks ago, Comfort4U came across a foam that was exceptionally comfortable. This foam is from a site called Foamolgy101.com. While the amount and size is yet to be decided Claudia and myself will set out to check out the product before making a final purchase decision. We are very excited to be diving into a new step in our project as well as finally create something that will better service the school and work community.

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