IT’S COMING!!! By Amanda Campos

Howdy readers, I’m here today to tell you about Mothers Do Matter’s progress over these past couple of days! And boy has there been some serious development. For starters we started our OSHA training. For those of you who aren’t familiar with OSHA it stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Their primary goal is to provide training, outreach, education and assistance to both employees and employers. They want to ensure everyone is safe 100% of the time and that everyone has equal rights and opportunities in the workplace. Naturally since we will be working with tools and with others it was decided that we complete OSHA training and also so that when we get future jobs we’ll be ready and prepared for anything. So our group started our venture to finishing OSHA training which is a 10 hour long online course. So far we haven’t made much progress because of lack of time but we have arranged to work on it weekly.

Example of what the OSHA training pages look like.
Example of what the OSHA training pages look like.


Another thing our group has started is prototyping! YAY! SO MUCH FUN! Now we will actually be bringing our ideas to life and see what our product will look like in the flesh. Today in class we discussed our new makerspace since we will be using that area to construct and brainstorm. We covered all the rules and expectations and then were quizzed to make sure we knew what to do in case we encountered any problems. After we completed our quizzes our group went straight to work on creating a schedule for having our 3D models made, a list of the material and where to get them from and the biomedical aspects of the project. My role is to create the 3D models of our breastpump on Google SketchUp. So far I’ve found that I’m a bit rusty from about two years ago so I need to familiarize myself with it once again. I also found that it’s going to be difficult creating an actual 3D model of the breastpump on SketchUp. With help from one of our advisors, Mrs.Jo, we concluded that on Google Sketchup I should first start with making 2D sketches from top, front and back views. Then once I start understanding how to shape the breast pump on SketchUp I could start to make the sketches 3D. The problem that I’m going to encounter is trying to make the breast pump not look so stiff since it’s cloth and on SketchUp most things are stiff. I’m excited to see what the finish product will look like and to see how good I really am with Google SketchUp. Goodbye until next time. Thanks for reading!

Example of what the Google SketchUp page looks like.
Example of what the Google SketchUp page looks like.

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