Late But Great- Jordan Reed

Hey everybody! This is Vertabend’s own Jordan Reed reporting what happened the end of last last week. See, this post was supposed to be on November 3rd, but I was sick and dead to the world at that point in time, so this is happening now instead. One great piece of news (as Zane has already mentioned): we turned in our second deliverable, the design proposal! (insert trumpets, fanfare and confetti here).

Woo Hoo!
Woo Hoo! (Right to left: Me, Zane, Karrie, Zabdi, other random happy person)

Good job to all of the teams, this one was tough, but it feels great to be moving on with the project (also, that thing was thirty pages. THIRTY! Madness!). My unique perspective of talking about the past while living its future may make this difficult, but I’ll try not to ruin what should be put in the next post. Anyways, this deliverable was/is certainly different from the first, especially in that this one feels much more rushed and there is/was quite a lot of looking for things that just did not want to be found. For example, it has been a group effort to find the normal/average curve of the neck/cervical vertebrae, but that has been a struggle mainly because that information apparently doesn’t exist on the internet, so we’re trying to work out what to do about that (a poll/experiment/data gathering of sorts may be in our near future). I know that all of us have been spending so much time on the research for this project that we are like neck geniuses now, and it’s super cool how dedicated and stellar my teammates are.

Look at this! It's everything you wanted to know, didn't want to know, and didn't know you wanted to know about pillows!
Look at this! It’s everything you wanted to know, didn’t want to know, and didn’t know you wanted to know about pillows!

I was mainly working on the technical research materials section, and I found some great stuff on the pros and cons of materials (feathers vs traditional stuffing vs tempurpedic type material etc) and the regular dimensions of pillows (a lot of this came from Linens n Things). I wasn’t able to help out as much as I wanted this last week due to the aforementioned deadness, but my team never ceases their impressiveness and we turned out a great design proposal (spoiler: we get to move on to prototyping! Squee!). Oh yeah, I’m not sure if you all have seen our team logo, but it’s the featured image, so there you go. I’m actually currently planning on revamping it due to the fact that it was made with a laptop mouse pad with Paint, so look forward (or not) to seeing that by my next post!

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