Progressing-Carina Carrasco

After having finished the deliverable Baby Beeper is finally ready to move forward and really finalize the sketch that is shown below. The prototype stage is gonna prove itself to be one of the most difficult step in the process because of the refinement that is going to need to be done in order for the product that Baby Beeper wants to develop to be successful. But before starting the prototype stage the materials have to be acquired. And in finalizing the sketch a 3-d model of the car seat should be made to better visualize how the different components of the car seat will come together. The team has agree upon using memory foam and plastic to create a frame of the car seat.


Picture from here!Capture I have done some research on where such materials can be found. Some pretty good options came up when looking at amazon. Many of the materials are somewhat expensive but in doing research you’d be surprised at all of the results that come up when looking for certain materials. Something that I had in mind while researching for places that I could get the materials was the prices of each material and what a budget will look like. Also how reliable the company is to get the materials in a timely manner without any defects. The quantity of each material that I may use was also something I considered because the team might end up having to completely remake a prototype because of the changes that will be made to make the car seat efficacious.




Picture from here!

This is a picture of a baby car seat prototype and my initial reaction to it was that it was visually appealing but seems to be lacking some components. When I came across this image it just got me thinking about all of the different components that need to be incorporated when create a 3-d model of the car seat. The 3-dimensional representation will be very beneficial because when referring to the model one is able to clearly see each component and what the end result is suppose to look like, also help one see if any component of design has been left out. It also very organize and easy to update when needed to make the prototype and the final product. Can not wait until Baby Beeper takes the next step to be able to actually visualize the design and see it come to life!



What do you think is a reasonable price for an efficient and safe car seat?

Which step of the design process do you think is the most complex/ difficult?

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