Saftey First!: Deanna Watson

Now that the design deliverable is completed, we can now move on to the next step, tooling up! But, before we are able to build a prototype, we must complete the OSHA training course. It is important to be safe, and recognize hazard when it is present. By educating our self during this training, we can protect ourselves and others to be free from danger, injury or harm.

The OSH act designed the the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and additional of occupational safety and health standards to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). OSHA is apart of the United States Department of Labor laws that was signed by Nixon in  December 29, 1970, and enforced on April 28, 1971. OSHA is developed to protect the mandatory job safety and health standards. It enforces standards through inspection and issuing penalties for unsafe work conditions. OSHA also maintains record keeping and reporting system to monitor work related injuries, illness, and fatalities. With all that, it provides assistance, training and other support programs to promote safety.

The training helps the team understand our legal rights to a safe work environment. So far in the training, it talks about the set up of how to “StartSafe, and StaySafe”. To start safe, you must abide by three things: to understand the job, think about safety, and plan your actions. To stay safe you must: use your knowledge, practice safety, and share safety. By following these rules, this can prevent you and others from being in harm, and staying safe. It lists occupations that are covered by the OSH act, and some that are not.osha

The course shows reasons why the OSHA training is so important in working conditions. In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company had the biggest work related fire in the history of the United States. The fire in New York City affected mainly young female immigrant workers. The reason why so many were killed was because there were no fire escapes, to be able to escape the fire in the building. For more Fatalities/Catastrophes (FAT/CAT) reports, visit the OSHA webite.

To be able to protect ourselves, and the others that will be involved with building this prototype of the M.O.M’s breast-pump, it is important to take the preliminary precautions to be able to enforce the concept of safety. It is important to take notes and dissect the information, so that the information is absorbed in to the mind. It is not beneficial to go through training, then forgetting everything that is learned. This safety training is also important for everyday life, and not just for building the prototype in this class. Using safety guidelines are important in public areas, at work, at home, and with younger kids. Take the safety course yourself, at the Career Safe website!

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