Why must it be floofy? – Zane T.

Yellow there. Yes this is how I say hello sometimes. Don’t judge. So for the past long time we have struggled to complete our assigned design proposal, doing research and sorting through our accumulation of sources, and trying to phrase it sensibly and forgetting which sources we had already cited…and it has finally been finished and turned in, after a desperately needed change of deadline. I kind of thought we would never finish, it had so many parts and strange things were happening throughout (including college applications, Halloween, and end of the six weeks stress). Despite the loss of a member to illness (she’s back now though) and general confusion, we have prevailed! (Thanks to our fearless leader~ and research specialist≈) We even got the chance to sit in a darkened room, as we celebrated our completion of yet another major paper with a biomed movie.

So many citations. (Original photo)
So many citations. (Original photo)

But what new challenges await us?! (Cue background music/epic theme song) we must create a prototype! (gasp!) And to do that we must research more! And test! And find fancy foam with which to craft our impressively floofy yet stable pillow of braceness! It must withstand the test of time though the use of firm, stable foam; it must be comfortable, yet strong; it must bend ones vertebrae into the natural lordotic curve! It must relieve spinal pressure and discomfort! And the greatest feat of them all, it must be affordable and appealing to the masses!!

Example of one of our research pages. (Original picture)
Example of one of our research pages. (Original picture)

And how are we to perform these magnificent feats you implore? Well, to that I must say that I have no idea whatsoever. I’m a biomed person, so even my concept sketch was vague and terrible. I don’t know all that much about designing and crafting pillows, or fancy processes or all the requirements of building a medical device ( as our supportive pillow is classified). Our nearly dead engineering peep and our fearless leader shall be taking charge even more in the next six weeks as we endeavor to create an initial prototype worthy of the masses.

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