What happens next? By GHernandez

Obviously we have finally finished our design proposal which for Hestia was a success when it came to deciding how we wanted our device to look. When we all brought our individual designs into class we all brought designs that we were similar to each other therefore we decided to just put all our ideas into one. This process was actually not hard at all. In the end we decided that our device would be in the shape of an oval or ellipse. This oval/ ellipse part will be like mini mattress laid on the child’s crib which will be made from a cushion material like the ones used to change a child’s diaper. This mini mattress will provide comfort to the baby and will be transportable. On this part of the device there will be six straps that will secure it onto the crib assuring it will not move around. At the top there will be a head tracing cushion that will provide the baby with head support, this cushion will be made out of material that assures that in case the baby were to turn around it would allow it to breath through it. There will be a blanket that will be attachable which will provide the baby warmth for a good night sleep.

We decided that with the solid purpose of our device being to save the lives of baby’s we would name “Hero Blanket.” Lastly our device will have a heart rate monitor ankle bracelet that will be wireless and in case of an emergency will alarm the parents through a small speaker or a smart phone. Which was sparked by the incredible device of the Sproutling bracelet which serves the purpose of monitoring the baby’s heart rate and sleeping pattern. This device actually covers all our customer needs except for the fact that it is very expensive and does not provide the baby with sleeping comfort. So we decided to take on the challenge of innovating it to cover our customer needs and still serving its main purpose.

Original photo and design by GHernandez. This is our final design submitted with our design proposal.
Original photo and design by GHernandez. This is our final design submitted with our design proposal.

Now that we have turned in our design proposal we must begin thinking of how exactly our device will be created and so we did. The question then was mentioned of how we would actually succeed at creating a heart rate monitor. Which personally, I think that yes anything is possible if we set our mind on it but we have no sort of knowledge of engineering that will help actually create a heart rate monitor. So we asked Ms. Miesner and she mentioned finding a Cheap watch which we attempted doing so and found many on Amazon.com varying from 24.99 and about 1,000 dollars. Anyways, Ms. Miesner told us to find a cheap watch and take it apart to then put it back together. But then that brought up the question of how that would work? Because if we take it apart and put it back together, it is still the same device, meaning its not our work. And if we “modify” it, that could be bad because its made the way it is for a reason and if something is changed then it could completely change its purpose. So maybe I didn’t understand but I would like to really look into how we would actually make this happen. Other than that, Hestia has been working really good together.

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