Finishing up the proposal – Gaby O.

These past couple of weeks, class has been stressful. From working on the design proposal to finishing up college applications, had our group stressed. We officially decided what our invention is going to look like, which is big news. And we feel that our design not only puts us ahead of the game, but that we will be able to accomplish this design. Our design is basically a vest that has pockets on the inner portion, where the bottles will be stored. And from the bottles there will be tubes connecting to the women’s nipple and it will travel down into the bottle. The way to re-simulate the sucking factor, is that we are going to attach a wind up toy that will stimulate the tubes to suck milk out of the breast, and the women will have to re-wind the toy in order to keep sucking. It is simple, and efficient. The next goal on our list is to make sure that this product will be affordable. We want to make sure that any woman can afford this product, not just the wealthy. And we also want to make sure that the device is available to woman of all backgrounds. What the girls are most nervous for is building the device.We want to make sure that our device is safe and meets all the standards for safety regulations.


This is our official design that Amanda Campos sketched, and we all contributed to the idea.

After all the stress was done, our wonderful teacher baked us brownies and it really relieved some of the stress. It reminded us that this proposal was done well and that we had done a good job.

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