Research Research Research!! R. Villescaz

Well hello engineering geeks! (I personally think that geeks and nerds are the best type or people!! So don’t get offended) Anywho, I will be talking about a VERY known topic, research!!! YAY RIGHT? Most people are annoyed or even scared to dive into research for a project. Whether it is for poetry from the Romantic Era or Product design, you will NEED to do research. So I am here to give you some tips and tricks to get you excited for the big R. Firstly, a photo of our hard work at Annie Rich!!


Desiree really gets into her research y’all.

So the first thing about research is the importance of the source. Yes, you could go to google and, but really where is that information coming from? You could use Google Scholar, which is better, but often times you will only be able to view abstracts. You want quality, credible information on your topic. So a source that we used is Ebsco. Yes, an oldie but a goodie. Using Ebsco is really credible. I used this to research background information on hot cars in America. And guess what? Texas leads the U.S. in the number of child deaths from hot cars, according to Websleuths, with a total of 91 child deaths in the year of 2013. See what I did there? I offered statistical information, while citing my sources. In text citations are one way to give credit to your sources.There are many formats that you can use. The MLA format is used for more of english and literature research and citations.

Another really great and credible search engine is J Store, another oldie but a goodie. Usually if an academic search engine has been around for a while, it is a good one. Also, another thing that will save you for citing your sources is, drumroll please…. NOODLETOOLS!!!! Oh my goodness, this will become your best friend when citing your sources. You literally just lug in your information and it puts it in the correct format. THANK GOODNESS.

I really hope you all enjoyed these tips and I wish you the best with your scholarly research! ‘Til next time!

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