Desiree Blog #3

In class my team has been very busy working on our deliverable which is actually due November 5th. We have undergone many team meetings and brainstorming processes but in every great team there is always misunderstanding and miscommunication which we have to fix for everyone to be on the same page.
In one brainstorming activity we did everyone drew what we wanted our design to have and then we combined and edited each other’s idea until eventually we all had a mutual idea of what we should have. I think we all know where we want to take this and we split up our teamwork very well. I like how we can all mutually agree on what should go where and what it should be made of. After we get past our brainstorming and drawing phase our building and innovation stage should go smoothly.20141020_111232_HDR     20141020_111421_HDR     20141104_154648_HDR
In our deliverable I worked on our title page, table of contents and executive summary. I also helped worked on our design objective. We basically want our car seat to have memory foam so the baby can be comfortable at all times. We want it to have a weight sensor so it will be able to tell if the baby is in the car seat or not and it will have a device that will be able to track the distance between the car seat and the drivers keys. So for an instance if the baby is in the car seat and the drivers keys are 10 feet away from the car seat than alarm will go off that will be noticeable inside and outside the car.
We will have to make sure the alarm is loud enough and I am not sure how we will be able to reset the car seat alarm yet. There are still things that my team must come up with and work on but so far things are going well.

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