Designer Divas Are Ready to Take On The Real World- Andrea Cazares

Greetings! It’s Dre again, and I’m so excited to share with you the progress the SEAS team has made. First thing’s first, we have just completed our sketch for our design. Being able to see our design in person was astonishing. Honestly, I can’t wait until we start the building process because I just know our design is going to be a success. In class, we were able to create a design for our project. We put all of our minds to create this beautiful product. We combined the designs of Stephanie Perez’s and yours truly! This is our design so far:

Sketch done by Eliza Martin
Sketch done by Eliza Martin

Isn’t it lovely? Some of our materials include gel pads and recycled yoga mats for comfort. Our biggest target for the design is versatility. This design offers so much versatility that you could virtually put it in any shoe. Isn’t that something? Along with versatility, our design will offer lots of comfort and durability. We’re looking to make the  design multiple layers in order to provide comfort all day long.

When we’re not working on our design, we are working on our Deliverable 2. The Deliverable 2 is due on Wednesday and the SEAS group is working diligently and quickly to finish it. This step is very much necessary in our whole design process. Our Deliverable is coming along and personally, making the list for the materials just excited me more. I can’t wait to construct it!

Andrea works very hard to finish Deliverable 2
Andrea works very hard to finish Deliverable 2

As a group, we take pride in being original and innovative designers. This whole process has been tedious at times however, it has also been worth it. The extra steps we do are just preparing us for the construction of a quality and effective design. I can’t wait to see how it comes out!


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