Baby Beepers Deliverable-R.Carter

Now as a group Baby Beepers are working on our deliverable on our idea as a whole. This deliverable gives a more indepth knowledge of what we are trying to capture as a whole idea and how it could be useful for future clients. However, before working on our deliverable and while working on it a lot more research was needed, such as more information on needed materials, statistics of children that have been forgotten in a hot car and many reviews on what parents or guardians would love to have changed about the safety of car seats

Customer interviews were of much use to us becuase the five top things we found that were needed were safety, user friendliness, comfort, position of child, and some type of alert.  Based off of this, Baby Beepers decided that a safe, dependable, and hypoallergenic car seat needed to be designed. This goes back to last week when each member of the group drew pictures to show what they needed to be added for the best car seat. IMG_0878IMG_0880

One thing that I noticed was that so many children die from hyperthermia. The average number of children who die from being left in a car is 318. That number is very highand the alarm could help with that situation. Hyperthermia is where the body temperature is higher or lower than what it should be. However, some cases are where the children get into the car unknown, but an alarm can still go off to alert someone. From a medical stand point a child’s body heats up more quicly than adults body, which becomes dangerous when they are left in a car that also heats up quickly. This is where having a an alarm on the car seat would be useful because this would cut down significantly on children being forgotten in a car because a lot of people would hear the alarm.

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