Where Should We Go From Here? by- Jessica Salazar

It’s already been over three months since we’ve been assigned this entrepreneurship project. Thinking back it seems like we’ve only been working on this assignment for a little over a week. But seeing how we’ve been able to develop a design proposal from pure research, wondering around stores, and interviewing customers, it’s quite amazing where we stand.

Our design proposal has been finalize through the collaboration between our group of four. Which is not to say that we didn’t have disagreements prior to. When we first started to draw what each of us thought was the ideal respirator/surgical mask, we all had different concepts and different priorities in terms of the design. We saw our different views when we each created the mind map, and created three design sketches in a large sheet of paper, in which was later edited by our fellow group members. Two of the papers can be seen on the picture below, the different color pens within the design are the edits and questions that the group had about that particular design.

Picture Taken by: Jessica Salazar. Picture shows Maria’s three brainstorming designs.
Picture Taken by: Jessica Salazar. Picture shows Lorena’s three brainstorming designs.

For our brainstorming activities we had to be very opened minded towards each others designs. Personally I believed that my design had it all, in terms of effectiveness and comfort but my teammates saw otherwise, and it took me a while but I was able to understand their reasoning. My design can be viewed in the picture below. My teammates were concern with the comfort of the customer. While I thought that comfort was just a luxurie compared to an actual working respirator/surgical mask, they believed it was a key selling point that would be able to thrive in the market. After giving it some thought I finally understood, I reflected upon products which I’ve used, such as clothes. Where it may look nice and work fine, but the comfort level took a lot from the actual benefits. Thus my design didn’t make it as the final/main design.

Picture take by Jes. The picture shows Jessica design, from three different views
Picture take by Jes. The picture shows Jessica design, from three different views

As for the design proposal itself, we all worked very hard and diligently to meet each-others expectations. We all divided the work load so that no one had to do too much or too little. Our pathway background also proved to be useful when dividing the parts, in particular there were two sections named technical background: physiological and biomedical aspects and technical background: materials research and applicable standard. The first section was worked on by Jackleen and I (two biomedical students,) while the second section was worked on by Lorena and Maria (two engineering students.)  The rest of the sections were given to anyone who wanted that particular section. After finishing our design proposal, we ask ourselves what’s next? From here on we simply look forward to seeing the end of the project and it’s actual outcome.

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