Moving Forward – Brittany H.

After ranking our designs and choosing one that had the most of what we were looking for and prioritized, it’s time to go into the nitty gritty details of our project and start finalizing some of the unfinished business we have.

IMG_20141030_091826Our second design proposal is a formal written report that helps us develop our product’s and find out what we really want incorporated now that we have the idea on paper. Our Executive summary will help us gather a clear and concise image of our proposal. It will help us stay on track when we begin integrating new ideas as we continue and solving and problem that we come across. The statement of the problem is how we remind ourselves that this is for a group of people, we need to keep the audience in mind, those of pediatric age and their guardian’s needs. Finding out the exact problems we need to solve requires a bit of thinking as we have to predict the limits of our boundaries and how many people we could reach.

We’re refining our research and teaching ourselves what we have to include and what we’re able to add within safety standards. To be able to have a product that functions as you want and to have a product that acts as safely as possible are completely different in the way that one must come before the other. Though our ambition is not low as we want to continue with our mission statement to provide mobility in a way that will hinder the least amount of people as possible. To bio-medically aid the development of those who would otherwise have difficulty due to the lack of activity and habits that are normally acquired with age. With the physiological and biomedical aspects we’re researching, we’ll be able to create a wheelchair that can grow with someone and support them through the long fun hours of their lives. Along with the technical background, the safety of our product won’t be a problem as long as we follow regulations and nation standards.

Our chosen design
      Our chosen design

The design objective will go to be expanded, with our prior research will help us develop the wheelchair that we want to create. Our techniques and design will be refined with this second design proposals completion. With the proposed design Karina has created we’ll be able to move forward in our objective of completing a pediatric wheelchair.

Citation: Halloween Wheelchair Costume Plans Of ‘Toothless’ Dragon Riding Costume For Son With Muscular Dystrophy [Video]. (2014, October 31). Retrieved November 3, 2014, from

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