Guppies Group Inc. Weekly Update-Design Proposal (Angelic Almaraz)

So far this week Guppies Group has worked on creating its second deliverable. Originally our Design Proposal was due on Friday the 31st, however due to outside circumstances many teams, including ours, faced the date was delayed until November 3rd, and 5th. However, there seemed to be a miscommunication with in our group because we had decided to turn in the proposal today November 3rd, but it seems as though so team members have failed to complete their part. Overall we are working well and efficiently together. The final design we have come up with is a full arm float with mesh webbing at the elbow joints to provide more comfort to the children that wear them. It will be accompanied with a sort of belt that wraps around their waist and latches onto the swim suit. So of this belts features include adjustable buckle so to fit a wide range of children and further reaching our 5 criteria.

Final Design Sketch
Final Design Sketch

The five customer need’s criteria our group decided on are; Buoyancy, Safety, Adjustability, Cost, and Aesthetic Appeal.  The order they are listed is the order of importance each criteria has. We used an online software called Mindomo to help narrow down how we could design a product that would fit our criteria.  The picture to the left is of our final design proposal sketch. We came up with the idea by combining features from Toni’s and Chloe’s designs. The process we went through to decide our design was a bit difficult because a lot of the time we were deadlock in a decision as to whether or not one design meet a criteria better or worse than another design. The decision matrix allowed us to find the features we were looking for in our design, however in a way, it was counter intuitive because we didn’t like the one design that was picked at the end. We ended up having to redesign what we were wanting out product to look like. In the picture to the right you can see the decision matrix and of the thought we put into trying to decided what product was better than the other.

One thing our team has done really well is being flexible with each other. We have the same goal in mind Guppies Decision Matrixwhich allows us to work well together. We also are all very understanding of one and other with the basic understanding that no matter what we will all get out parts done in an effective and timely manner, when it comes to the group collaborative project. Another thing I am really glad about our team is that we aren’t afraid to tell each other constructive criticism. When one of us could do better on a part of the project we let them know. The direct nature in our group keeps us constantly looking for better ways to solve issue we may face. We will continue to grow as this project moves forward, and create a creative and innovative product to save lives.

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