Design, Deliverable, & Deadline…oh my! – Sofia Hruby

SEAS Design Logo...created by Stephanie Perez
SEAS Design Logo…created by Stephanie Perez

Often times in the engineering world, we have great ideas or concepts in our heads and it’s important to put these ideas on paper so others can understand what we are trying to design.  Communicating designs can be as simple as drawing a rough sketch or basic prototype out of toothpicks and tape.  Even a written out description of the design can help others conceptualize your idea.  For the past couple of weeks, SEAS Design Team has been working on a design proposal, or a formal report to communicate the design and development of our intended product.  Writing a huge paper can be a daunting task, so we all split up the work…

  • Stephanie: title page, Summary, and Design Objectives
  • Eliza: Statement of Problem, Design Development Overview, and Conclusion
  • Andrea: design, project management, and References
  • Sofia (me): Technical Background, Conclusion, and References

The Design Proposal is due Wednesday (November 5th).  Being assigned deliverables like this is extremely beneficial.  Writing our ideas out on paper in a professional manner allows us us to visualize our ideas and others to understand our concept.  As we began collaborating, we realized that we all had a slightly different idea of our insole.  Writing this design proposal helps us draft and finalize our ideas so that we all agree on a design.  This does not have to be the design we stick with throughout the entire design process…it’s subject to many changes.  The best thing about each one of us having a different version of our design is we can pull from old brainstorms if something isn’t working with the current design.  Completing the design proposal will not only organize our thoughts but help us plan out our needed materials and budget.  The design proposal also serves to compile extensive research on the biomedical aspects of the heel and foot and how to treat plantar fasciitis.  Additionally, documenting our product with the design proposal is similar to what professional engineers do, giving us real world experience that we can apply later in our career.

Screenshot of Design Proposal title page
Screenshot of Design Proposal title page

Upon completion of the design proposal, the SEAS Design Team will have a plan of execution for building the prototype.    I think it would be beneficial for us to purchase several existing foot insoles and reverse engineer them (or cut them up/take them apart) and use that as inspiration for materials and assembly.  I look forward to starting the next step of design process!

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