Teamwork makes the Dreamwork by Claudia V.

The best news in the world is finding out that the deadline for a big assignment such as our design proposal, our second deliverable, has been postponed another week! Being the seniors that we are, it has been very stressful trying to get this deliverable complete by Thursday, October 30th, so getting an extension to Wednesday, November 5th was truly a blessing. So thank you Ms. Meisner, and Mrs. Jo!

I’m sure that Susette, Daisy, and Gabriela have been keeping all of you up to date to with what Comfort4U has been working on. I’m very proud of my team members for working really hard on this design proposal. It hasn’t been easy for any of us, I’m sure we can all agree on that but the work that has been done is worth it. Our final design as shown in the figure below shows how we all combined our creative minds to create an amazing final product. Susette and I had a hard time trying to find standards and regulations for a school chair. There are not many, so this means that our chair could be design without any standards and regulations having to put any restrictions on us. However this doesn’t mean that safety precautions won’t be taken into consideration for our design, and we will definitely take all of this in mind especially our materials. So coming up with the design is easy, selecting the materials, however, has been quite the difficult task. I found it hard especially for me trying to select materials that would best work with our design to make our product durable yet comfortable, and I’m sure Susette did as well. I wanted to make sure that the rim of the seat, the legs, and the pedal system were all coherant with each other in terms of the material, and selecting the best one was hard. The seat of the chair, the back of the chair, and the neck support, were a little bit easier to select the material because we were definitely sure that we wanted to use a foam cushion to incorporate comfort.

Original picture. Front and side views of Comfort4U's final design.
Original picture. Front and side views of Comfort4U’s final design.

I found that definitely the material and engineering aspects of this deliverable weren’t my favorite to work on. However, I’m glad that I was assigned to work on this section because I was able to try something new and to confirm that engineering isn’t my cup of tea. I will definitely stick to the biomedicla field, but I liked that I was able to learn new things. Also I’m really looking forward to having our design proposal completed. I’m sure my team members and I will have a celebration for this huge accomplishment!

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