Design proposals- A scary topic for Halloween (Sophie Penniman)

It’s that spooky time of year again, Halloween, and I thought I’d celebrate the holiday (which coincidentally happens to be my birthday) by highlighting some of the intense and frightening things we’ve been doing as part of the project.IMG_6202

The design proposal instructions- Original picture

I consider myself someone that likes writing. I’ve always done pretty well in English classes, and I can write a pretty solid short story or personal essay. Heck, I’ll even write poems (albeit poorly). But there’s always been one type of literature that I’ve always been terrified of- technical writing. I’m great at being creative, but keeping within tight boundaries and formats is something I’m not so hot on.

So when I found out we were going to be be creating lengthy memorandums, proposals, and worst of all patent write-ups for this class, I was understandably not too thrilled. But now, with one major deliverable done and another on the way, I’m starting to warm up a bit to technical writing.

Right now at Backwards in High Heels, we’re busy working on our second deliverable- the design proposal. Like the memorandum, it’s a big step toward the completion of our project, but the two are a lot different. Both help to communicate our ideas and desires for the product, but the design proposal focuses more on the tool-up phase of the maker cycle.


ARS Maker Cycle-  via Project Star Blog

We’ve been implementing all the research we’ve done (both on the biomedical side of how shoes affect feet, and on the engineering side of how the product would be created) into the design of our product. We’re also starting to design our final product. That in and of itself is another terrifying idea for this Halloween- themed blog post. Making a shoe is such a huge endeavor. How are we possibly going to be able to do it?

Not gonna lie- it’s been hard. I know myself as well as my teammates all did internal happy dances (and maybe external ones too) when we found out that the deadline had been postponed. And we’re probably going to struggle a bit- we have already, from panic about the scope of this project to procrastinating on our contributions to the deliverable. But even with all of that, the writing side of Biomedical Design is seeming less daunting now that we’ve had some practice with it. After what we’ve done so far, I’ve come to realize that this complicated, advanced style of writing is hard, yes, but also very doable.

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