Design Proposal and Process- Jennifer Martinez (JIA Seats)

This past week we in our Biomedical Engineering class we focus on finishing up our Design Proposal. Large amounts of our design proposal involved coming up with our final design for our product and also figuring out every new detail we are going to be adding to this new design and how those design incorporate the customers needs. The week before last week in class we worked on coming up with new designs we are going to involve in out design innovation. We got to incorporate some of the materials that we decided we needed for our car seat. In my case, one of my design was adding a lot of cushioning that was soft enough but also safe enough to protect children in a collision. Another one of my designs focused on the buckling system for the car seat. I still wanted to keep the same system that majority of the car seats have today which is having a top buckle that is in front of the chest area to hold back a child when in a collision and also the bottom buckle to keep a child from slipping or getting out of their seat.

(Photo by Jennifer)
(Photo by Jennifer)

Although some of the things I would do in order to improve these aspects was that I would want to adjust the harness to where it functions like a regular car seat belt. Also I added a design of an emergency  button at the back of the buckles in order for the buckles to undo in case of an emergency. Although we ended up coming up with a design that incorporated these aspects but also made it a lot more simple while keeping it safe. Another thing that we did in order for us to help us come up with a final product design was that we created a mind map where we got to set up our main design innovations and the purpose of them.

(Screenshot by Jennifer)
(Screenshot by Jennifer)

In order for us to finalize our child car seat design we did a complex selection decision matrix activity to compare our designs with the customers needs. With the design being done and technical design being done as well, we now got to finalize our design proposal. After the design proposal, the next step that is part of our design process is to start innovating and making adjusting to our selected product. After that comes the testing, but for now, we need to purchase the products and start building our model.

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