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Mothers do Matter loves the work time we’ve gotten this week. We’ve been working on our next deliverable for the past three weeks. Each team member has at least two sections to complete. In two work days each team member has successfully completed one task. It has taken a lot of teamwork and collaboration to fully understand the tasks. Our group has continued to boast about how glad that we are for working so hard on small in class assignments, so that they can be accounted for in our deliverable.

We have found is easier and less hectic to work in the college center of our school. We have also been awarded great news from our teacher. The deliverable due date has been pushed back to Wednesday of next week, this gives my group more time to fully include ourselves in the project, rather than only rushing through big parts and not gaining all of the knowledge that we should. During the first work week of the deliverable we found it hard to stay on track and getting any work done. Mothers d Matter has found that the best work technique is setting a timer on a team member’s phone to work for twenty minutes straight and when the timer is done, sitting around a circular table in the college center sharing new feedback or even problems or questions we have about the deliverable. With our new technique we have made it possible for our deliverable to reach more pages. We have a shared document that everyone can contribute to. If any questions arise that cannot be answered during the break time circle, then they will either be emailed to our teacher, unless they’re urgent concerns we relay them to Dennis and she goes to the classroom and comes back with great feedback for the whole team. It is a

Brianna's deliverable tasks!
Brianna’s deliverable tasks!
Official design
Official design

Mothers do Matter tradition for everyone to high-five each other at the end of a nice long work day and say one nice thing about how the deliverable is coming along.

So for the checklist…

  1. Title page and effective summary

Contains logo and names and summary of design

  1. Statement of problem

Why do mothers need an improved breast pump?

  1. Background psychology and biomedical

Background research on materials and what it affects.

  1. Back ground standards/ materials

How team is contributing customer needs.

  1. Design objectives and developments

Explains how needs were chosen

  1. Proposed design

Detailed description of the design

  1. Management plan and development

What needs to be done before construction?

Good luck to Mothers do Matter tonight, our team will be finishing our second deliverable.

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