Time to get approved and make history! – Alexys Garza

What a crazy, stressful and somewhat fun week! This week my team, Create and Innovate, has been working hard on the Design Proposal. Originally this was due Today, Thursday the 31st, but thankfully our wonderful teachers could see the stress building up in all of us and pushed the due date to Wednesday November 5th! Thank God for understanding teachers!

Awhile back my group decided on the product we will move forward with in the Design Proposal, we call it the Blanket Belt. In our proposal we describe this product in great detail, and in this blog I can give an idea! This design was that of our own Ryanne Howard. During the class period in which all team members drew various sketches, this was one of Ryanne’s. Out of all of our options this design seemed the best to choose. In the end we had two designs that we all thought could be successful, but the Blanket Belt ended up being the easiest one to move forward with. The idea behind the Blanket Belt is that while you are laying down in the back seat of a car you can be safe, comfortable, and warm. Instead of having multiple straps all around your body, you are covered by one large section which can be made of various material, depending on the weather. This is so that you are not covered in a thick material (blanket) during the harsh summer days!

Photograph of group member Jada Washington working on the proposal online. (I told her not to look, but she did anyway!)
Photograph of group member Jada Washington working on the proposal online. (I told her not to look, but she did anyway!)

For our design proposal we decided to break up the parts of the proposal into four so that each group member had something to do. I’m in charge of the Proposed Design and the Project Management Plan. For the proposal I think we are very close to being finished! Our team goal is to have the entire design proposal finished and edited by Monday. Hopefully we can do this while doing a great job on the paper. Next after this proposal is done we will start to look at materials and prices. Hopefully we can get an idea of the material we will use to create this product in the next two weeks and then we can start the building of our Blanket Belt!

First sketches of Blanket Belt!
First sketches of Blanket Belt!

I’m so excited to start the building the process, and I know my team is too! I am such a hands on person that the building will probably be my favorite part! If you have any suggestions or comments don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Thank you in advance for any comments, and for simply taking the time out of your day to read about my groups progress!

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