Final design !!! By: Kaiyla Washington

My team M.O.M has come up with a final design sketch for our breast pump. This past week, we have been putting our brilliant heads together to come up with the perfect breast pump design. As you may know M.O.M is currently working on a huge design proposal that will be one step closer to getting a working prototype for our breast pump. Even though this may seem like a fun task there is daunting work that goes with completing our design proposal. In the last M.O.M’s post Monica our group leader did a great job introduces and explaining the significant parts of the design proposal.

But I would like to go into depth about my individual part, for the design proposal I choose to do the executive summary and design objectives & development.  The executive a summary is a short and sweet introduction that consists of 2 to 3 paragraphs. In paragraph one it should state the company’s name, mission, statistics on the need you are fixing and lastly interviews from media and research on the need, our need is obviously the improvement of breast pumps.  In the second paragraph it should explain how we plan to solve the need and also the materials that will be needed and why.  Lastly the third paragraph should show what the problem contains such as the aspects of the problem and a conclusion sentence to summarize the marketability of the product.

For the design objectives & development the aspects that should be included within this section of the proposal should clearly explain process of needs and requirements identifications. Also it should reference interviews, research, standards to justify needs, and include tables identifying the needs.

To wrap things up I would like to share M.O.Ms final design, the picture below will show individual detailed sketches from members of M.O.M the sketches included our best concept design, materials and dimensions this brainstorming lead up to the final design.


(Original image from Deanna Watson)


Although all the designs were great  we uses the Concept Selection which is a part of the design matrix where we were able to compare each individual sketch by  the standards we set which were to have  minimal visibility, comfort, milk storage , mimics baby suction and also hands free. After completing the concept selection as a group we decided that my sketch met most of all the standards wanted. Not to toot my own horn too much, I honestly believe that all of my teammate’s sketches are great and as a group we plan on incorporating everyone’s ideas because this is truly a team effort.



(Original image from Deanna Watson)





Now that the deadline for our proposal is so close I cannot wait to share our brilliant ideas and open up doors to the new and innovative M.O.M breast Pump.


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