Creation of a New and Imporved Safety Instrument Used in Vechiles -Jada Washington

My team Create and Innovate has come up with a final design sketch for our innovation. This past week, we have been ecstatic with joy because we know that the building of our design will happen soon. On Wednesday, October the 22nd each group member came with a detailed sketch of our best concept design included materials and dimensions on a standard sized piece of paper.

Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo of Design Sketches by Jada Washington
Original Photo of Design Sketches by Jada Washington

That day during class we also listed our 5 most important needs. After all theses things were done, we each created 3 designs that we think would be the best and most suitable. Our 5-7 most important customers needs were Safety, Federal and State Regulations, Easy to Install, Comfort, Affordable, Appealing Design and Kid Friendly.






Original Photo by Jada Washington
Original Photo by Jada Washington

Personally in my notebook, the most important customer needs I found were Safety, Federal Regulation Requirements, Cost Effective, Comfort, and Easy to Install. The reason safety is a need to me is because the safety of an individual is important, we would like to create and seat belt that lowers the injury on the individual from a sudden and hard impact. Also why would we build something that isn’t safe? We don’t want to kill anyone. Secondly we need to meet the federal law requirements and regulations because otherwise the design will not be built. Or we would build something, that no one ever gets to see, or use. This would be considered as a waist of money, brain power, and a lot of time. Next it has to be cost effective, so that every car company can build our design into their cars. It is also important to us builders because we do not have all the money to spend on our design, we need to find the cheapest, durable, and safest materials. Fourth, comfort is important because we would like our customers to use our innovation, why build something that no one will like or use? We would like our customers to be able to lay down comfortably at all times. Lastly, easy to install is important because we don’t want anything too complex, because it will be hard for us build, and even the mechanics to put into cars easily.



Original Photo of Sketches from Create and Innovate by Jada Washington

After all of this, we chose our best design from the 3 sketches and sketched that one design onto the Concept Selection Decision Matrix. On this paper as stated earlier we each drew our best design and we wrote our top 7 customer needs. After this we ranked our customer needs from 1 to 7, 1 being the most important to 7 being the least important. As seen on paper, 1 is safety, 2 is federal and state regulations, 3 is easy to install, 4 is comfort, 5 is affordable, 6 is appealing design and the 7th is kid friendly. The way the Concept Selection Decision Matrix is set up is, you rank each design by how much the design satisfies the customer needs, and with that number you multiply it by the original ranking of the customer needs. By the end, the design with the lowest number, has the best outcome, and should be the actual innovation being created. After a lot of contemplating, talking with my group mates, and looking at the Concept Selection Description Matrix numbers we decided that the most effective design would be Ryanne Howards. Her design consisted of  one big net that is attached to seat but can be hidden under the seat, and it pulls out over the chest and waist to be buckled in at the top of the seat. We thought this design would be the best, out of the other design created by my group members.

Original Photo by Jada Washingotn
Original Photo by Jada Washingotn

At this moment we are working on our Design Proposal 2, and are ready to get it done, so we can create our design already! I can’t wait! If you would like to add another customer need that would be beneficial to individuals well being please comment below.


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