The Impossible is Possible!- Dennis

It seems like just yesterday when we walked into the class and got assigned a task by both our BioDesign teachers. At that moment when we realized we had to create an innovative product, we looked at our teachers with wide eyes, thinking to ourselves they’ve lost their mind. What once seemed nearly impossible is finally becoming possible!

On October 30th, 2014 our second proposal will be due. Although, this is not just any proposal. It is our design proposal! This is where all the juicy stuff is. Through our design proposal is where all our brainstorming happened. This is what will lead to our final product being designed.

Through brainstorming for our innovative product, the breast pump, in order to know the exact needed functions by the customers, an interpreted needs list template was made. Although, it was hard at first, later on, thanks to Ms. Miesner’s help, through the identifying needs video. As a team we were able to come up with the main functions of our breast pump.


Main Functions:

  • Minimal Visible
  • Light Weight
  • Non-toxic Safety
  • Fewer Parts
  • More Excess of Milk
  • Portability
  • Hands-Free

Through figuring out the functions each one of us began to brainstorm on what we could do in order to get the breast pump to achieve these functions. Through class, as team leader, I divided the work of the proposal evenly between Mothers Do Matter group. Currently, we are each working on making sure that we get our part done of the proposal.

In addition, it seems as if the impossible is actually becoming possible. Through the Field Trip in which we went to we saw all the tools needed in order to make our product possible. Putting myself in different shoes in order to look at the materials and kind off get an idea of what was going to be needed to make the breast pump possible. As a team we came together and began to picture our breast pump. This goes to show how every step in design should be taken seriously, because it all leads to the bigger picture. The final product. Through sharing our ideas on paper with out speaking, we were the most efficient, due to the fact that we could view the pieces of paper presented to us in our own point of view and then we could add to it, to see how we could possibly improve that drawing.

All the different things that took part in brainstorming.

Although, we are more than halfway there, it will not be long until we are building our actual product. Cannot wait until then! Let us know if you have any input that you could help add to the breast pump brainstorming, such as any needed functions. Thank you!

* All picture taken by Dennis Vera

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