The Chosen One- LBanda

We have the chosen one! After all the weeks of research and hard team work, we finally were able to choose a design. We had to use a Decision Matrix to actually figure out which design would be best from the four that were created by the team members. My design came out to be the best one, but we still wanted to do some tweaking with it.

Source: picture taken by LBanda
Source: picture taken by LBanda

This is the design we want to go with. It will be in the shape that will be best molded to the human’s face. The nose are will have a a slip of a material used for slip resistant headbands so the mask doesn’t fall down. We plan on hopefully making the area under the eyes a tighter area because that is usually where the air can slip out. Each corner of the mask will have a strap that will connect into two then at the back connect into one strap that will be adjustable according to how tight or loose the customer wants it. It will be like the design of a bra strap that can be adjusted to be small or longer.

The actual mask will be made of about 3 layers of fabrics. The bottom layer will be a very thin layer of fabric that will be there to protect the persons mouth are from the filter. The second layer is the actual filter, which we will test out different ones to see which one is more effective. Lastly the top layer will be a decorative layer of fabric that can be changed according to the customers liking, if he or she is young or older of age. The whole design we hope will follow the customer needs we created, which were: ventilation, effectiveness, comfort, ability to cover face, and re-usability. This is the order of importance to us, the designers into creating the mask.

At first we did have trouble picking the order. We were stuck on choosing either ventilation of effectiveness as the first choice. Ventilation would be that the person is actually able to breathe through the mask well, the argument was that the person needs to be able to firstly breathe through the mask before we can even think about making sure it worked. Effectiveness would be that the mask actually filters the dangerous air particles, this argument was over the fact that this whole project is about designing something that works, so if we don’t make the effectiveness our priority, then we might loose it from our sight. In the end we ended up choosing ventilation as our number one customer need.

Source: Screenshot by LBanda
Source: Screenshot by LBanda

This is the document of our interpreted needs list that we created from our customers needs. The first need on the list: ability to clean was an example from our teacher for a toaster. We made our designs based on these needs, although ventilation was our number one concern, I still focused my design on comfort, but we will take into consideration all these needs when finalizing our product.


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